Thursday, March 24, 2011

Red Sox Fans Voted #6 Worst Fan Base In American Sports

So in GQs list of the 15 worst sports fans in American sports, we Red Sox fans got put in 6th place. I am shocked by this. I am someone who acknowledges I am biased about everything, but do my best to stay objective. I understand that Red Sox fans are obnoxious, but they aren't even the worst fan base in the city. Patriots fans and Celtics fans are the worst fans in Boston. I am sorry to offend anyone, because I am die hard with both teams. However, when you listen to sports radio and listen to the fans of these teams, they're ridiculous. 

The Patriots never had a huge fan base until they started winning. They were losers, but not particularly lovable ones. Once they started winning, fans started jumping on the bandwagon and only really saw the winning teams. The Celtics are the most prestigious franchise in the NBA. Every generation has been able to see winning teams. Because of this, these fans are not able to accept criticism. Listen to Celtics fans when you talk about Kobe or LeBron. Listen to Patriots fans when they hear that Belichick made a mistake. They are too positive to be a good fan base.

The Red Sox, however, are a totally different story. Of course, when the Sox started winning in tha playoffs they had a big bandwagon following, called the "Pink Hats," but that comes with the territory. When you're making a list like this, I don't think it's fair to account for the casual fans who don't really care. Red Sox fans are without a doubt amongst the most knowledgable fans around. I think I love them because they are a negative people. I am a very negative guy and I think good fans are negative. I have made clear I am optimistic for the Red Sox upcoming season, but I am willing to accept criticism. 

I know this is a baseball blog, but this is for any Boston sports fan, particularly Bruins fans. Us Red Sox fans were five spots worse than Montreal Canadien fans. I don't know if I've ever been so insulted in my life. If I have any Canadien fan readers, you will not like this. I hate Montreal fans. Every Canadien fan I have ever spoken to backed down when an argument started. Everyone starts argument but backs down when things get heated. Same with the team. I am sickened that the fan base I most associate myself with is below those pricks. 

Ughh. Well, I have one last thing to say about this after a lot of thought. It's a good thing we are hated. Nobody hates losing teams. When's the last time you heard "I hate Pirates fans!" So keep in mind, Haters gonna Hate, Slaters gonna Slate. 

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