Friday, April 15, 2011

Red Sox Finally Sign Adrian Gonzalez to an Extension

After waiting until the season started for luxury tax purposes, the Red Six have finally signed their first basemen to a long-term extension, paying him $154 million over seven years. This was an absolutely steal. Think about how good that Adrian Gonzalez has been over his career, playing half of his games in Petco Park, a notorious pitchers park. Since 2007, he has put up a WAR of 3.8, 2.9, 7.0 and 6.3. All this, like I said, at a park where hitters' numbers annually fall. 

Let's compare this to Ryan Howard, who also just signed a similar contract. Howard's deal will pay him $138 million over the next six years, if they exercise their team option after year five. This means he will be paid $23 million annually, compared to Gonzo's $22 million. The Red Sox are getting the more productive player (Gonzalez has 20 WAR since 2007; Howard has 12.4), and the younger player (Gonzalez is 29, Howard is 32). 

The bottom-line is the Red Sox got a great deal from one of the premier hitters in baseball that was below market-value. Theo Epstein came away like a robber, but I'm sure Albert Pujols's people are none too pleased

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