Friday, April 8, 2011

Opening Day at Fenway Park

It's a special day in Boston, Massachusetts, where the Red Sox will play their first home series of 2011 against the New York Yankees. All around the greater Boston area, workers will be taking the day off, and kids will play hooky from school to be able to sit in front of the TV and watch this game. (Although someone forgot to tell me Greek Myth professor, who decided to schedule an exam at 2:30). This game is even more important, since the Red Sox have started the year off by losing their first six games. The perception around the city right now is that the Red Sox must win 2 out of 3. I think that's just a bit rash. I agree that they can not be swept. I say this, not for the team's sake, but for the city's sake. Even with a sweep, they may be able to come back and make the playoffs. However, with a sweep, Bostonians and all members of Red Sox Nation will be hearing it from everyone, especially Yankees fans. So, today, the Sox put John Lackey on the mound against Phil Hughes. The key to this game is getting off to a fast start, especially offensively. Check out the team's lineup today, which features one stark change.

1. Carl Crawford LF
2. Pedroia 2B
3. Gonzalez 1B
4. Youkilis 3B
5. Ortiz DH
6. Drew RF
7. Saltalamacchia C
8. Ellsbury CF
9. Scutaro SS

Ellsbury, as you can see, has been removed from the leadoff spot in favor of Carl Crawford. I like this move, as we now have our top 4 hitters in the top 4 spots. Also, Ellsbury should give some support to the bottom of the lineup, which has been struggling except for their decent effort yesterday. First pitch is at 2:05 ET

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