Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dice K on the block

According to, the Red Sox have put Dice-K on the trading block. They are looking for a young catcher to add to their team, probably a minor leaguer. Dice-K has a full no-trade clause, so he'd have to agree to any trade.

This trade is tough for me. On the one hand, he is my least favorite pitcher on this team. His games seem to average 12 hours gametime, and he is apparently obsessed with pitching with a full count, since he gets more of those counts than anyone I can remember. On the other hand, I don't think he is a horrible choice for our 5th starter. I may be wrong, but 2008 just doesn't seem too long ago. In that season, he had a brilliant year, finishing 4th in the Cy Young voting with a 2.90 ERA and 18 wins. Now obviously, I don't think he'll ever be that good again, but I think he could get the Sox 13-15 wins with an ERA around 4. Those numbers are acceptable for a 5th starter. With that being said, I would not be angry if the team could squeeze a nice catching prospect for him. Whether or not a team will be willing to give that up, and if Dice-K will accept the trade, remains to be seen. 

Also being rumored to be on the block are: Tim Wakefield (would be really sad to see him go, but I don't see his place on the team), Mike Cameron, and Darnell McDonald. 

UPDATE: Theo Epstein denies the team is looking to trade anyone

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